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We come from a long line of prideful Americans. Whether it was being a doctor, lawyer, building dams and runways, serving our country, or feeding America, our family has always been invested in the well-being of the American family and economy.

Our Family

We began as a family farm in 1927 in Fresno, California growing raisins, table grapes, peaches, and plums. Through years of hard work, we created and improved a process that takes dried fruit and makes a spread with no additives or preservatives. Recently, we used our spreads to create protein-added products with the same simple ingredients! Take our clean label challenge and find the Simple Taste of Freedom!

Photo shown was taken after riding to the top of Bald Mountain on dirtbikes near Fresno, California in July of 2018. Pictured from left to right: Chase, Kaitlyn, Chris, and Chloe Cubre

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